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After the Fire - One Rule

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After the Fire - Der Kommissar

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AlunaGeorge - Body Music

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AlunaGeorge - You Know You Like It

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Run To Paradise - Choir Boys

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Run To Paradise - Choir Boys

Playing What We Feel Like

playing what we feel like - kinda looks like this.......

David Bowie Diamond Dogs by
David Bowie
Crowded House somthing so strong by
Crowded House
Eric Clapton 461 Ocean Boulevard by
Eric Clapton
Pink Floyd Dark side of the moon by
Pink Floyd
Foster the people Torches by
Foster the people
Green Day When I Come Around by
Green Day
Bob Marley One Love by
Bob Marley
Nirvana Nevermind by
Queen innuendo by
Talking Heads True Stories by
Talking Heads
U2 How to Dismantle an Atomic Bomb by
ACDC Highway to Hell by
Beatles Abby Road by
black keys attack and release by
black keys
The Red Hot Chili Peppers californication by
The Red Hot Chili Peppers
Cold Play death & all his friends by
Cold Play
Dave Matthews under the table and dreaming by
Dave Matthews
Foo Fighters greatest hits by
Foo Fighters
gorillaz gorillaz by
guns n roses appetite for destruction by
guns n roses
led zeppelin stairway to heaven by
led zeppelin
muse the 2nd law by
split ends true-colours.jpg by
split ends
the stranglers Golden Brown by
the stranglers
the stranglers Ppeaches by
the stranglers
the clash give them enough rope by
the clash
the who endless wire by
the who
REM automatic for the people by
Police Zenyatta Mondatta by
Alice Cooper - Welcome To My Nightmare.jpg by
Alice Cooper - Welcome To My Nightmare.jpg
Beatles - Sgt Peppers.jpg by
Beatles - Sgt Peppers.jpg
Bob Marley.jpg by
Bob Marley.jpg
Coldplay.jpg by
Dance Exponents - Prayers be Answered.jpg by
Dance Exponents - Prayers be Answered.jpg
David Bowie.jpg by
David Bowie.jpg
Exponents - Something Beginning With C.jpg by
Exponents - Something Beginning With C.jpg
Fatboy Slim.jpg by
Fatboy Slim.jpg
Greenday - American Idiot.png by
Greenday - American Idiot.png
Jethro Tull - thick As A Brick.jpg by
Jethro Tull - thick As A Brick.jpg
Led Zeppelin.jpg by
Led Zeppelin.jpg
Madness - One Step Beyond.jpg by
Madness - One Step Beyond.jpg
Marilyn Manson.jpg by
Marilyn Manson.jpg
Megadeath.jpg by
Metallica - And justice For All.jpg by
Metallica - And justice For All.jpg
Metallica - Black Album.png by
Metallica - Black Album.png
Metallica - Master Of Puppets.jpg by
Metallica - Master Of Puppets.jpg
Michael Jackson.jpg by
Michael Jackson.jpg
Pink Floyd - Division Bell.jpg by
Pink Floyd - Division Bell.jpg
Prince - Purple Rain.jpg by
Prince - Purple Rain.jpg
Prodigy - Fat Of The Land.jpg by
Prodigy - Fat Of The Land.jpg
Queen - The Miracle.jpg by
Queen - The Miracle.jpg
Sex Pistols.jpg by
Sex Pistols.jpg
Spilt Enz - Second Thoughts.jpg by
Spilt Enz - Second Thoughts.jpg
Split Enz - Conflicting Emotions.jpg by
Split Enz - Conflicting Emotions.jpg
Split Enz - Enz Of An Era.jpg by
Split Enz - Enz Of An Era.jpg
Split Enz - Frenzy.jpg by
Split Enz - Frenzy.jpg
Supertramp.jpg by
Th' Dudes.jpg by
Th' Dudes.jpg
Twenty One Pilots - Blurryface.jpg by
Twenty One Pilots - Blurryface.jpg
U2 - Joshua Tree.jpg by
U2 - Joshua Tree.jpg

We pick the music

At Brian FM we play what we feel like all day every day.

It kind of works like this

  1. We pay to play the music
  2. So we get to make the rules

That means no DJ's, No Commercials, No requests.

Think of the songs you like, chances are we pay them cos we like them
Hear songs you don't like - we play them cos we like them.

Our theory is it's better to hear a song you don't like,than get a stack of commercials or some idiot DJ Blah Blah-ing on about nothing.

At Brian FM we realize it's a very one sided relationship - we play what we feel like, and you can listen.
Hopefully you may actually enjoy us.


Brian FM

"No DJ's, No Requests, No Commercials"

Broadcasting from..

A crappy little building in the middle of the beautiful downtown Blenheim and an equally crappy little building in beautiful downtown Springvale.


About us

Suspect you have noticed, we’re doing something a little different than any other radio station in new zealand, simply playing what WE feel like, you get to listen, if you like the music we play, you may listen more… . if you don’t like the music – you always have a stack of other radio stations playing the same 200 songs over and over you can listen to.

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